Communication and Dissemination

Communication is real work of leadership (Nitin Nohoria)
An effective strategy for dissemination, exploitation and communication is the key to success for your project’s impacts.
Our role is to guide you answer the following questions:

Who should know about our project?

What type of message do we want to deliver?

How should we deliver the different messages?

Our Communication & Dissemination activities are:

Project Identity

From the logo to the infographics, from to colors to the typography: we study and create the full project visual identity

Graphic Design

Graphics for Web and Print material: posters, brochures, roll up, books, gadgets, advertising

Web Design

Project Website creation, updating and maintenance up to 3 years of the end of the project.


Social activities planned and tailored to each individual project


We organize project meetings, workshops and training activities


Editing of press release, newsletters and scientific papers and documents


Periodic analysis and update of the project communication strategy

Project Identity | DREAM project case study
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  • Logo & Graphic Study
  • Web Design
  • Project videos
  • Brochure, Poster, Roll Up
  • Press Release and Project Presentation
  • Deliverable Template

Graphic Design

Posters, Brochures and Roll Up

Posters, Brochures and Roll Up

Web Graphics


Graphics for Events and Fairs

Project Website

Social Media Strategy

Opening of the Social Channels

Weekly updating

Live updating from meetings and events

Social Advertising Campaigns

Events | POSEIDON Summer School case study
Frontal lessons
Frontal lessons
Students Presentation
Students Presentation
Social Events
Social Events

Periodic revision of projects communication strategy

Analysis of reached results

Periodic check of website's traffic

Periodic check of Social Media Strategy

Let’s make it clear!


Dissemination is the public disclosure of the results of the project in any medium. Disclosure may sound passive, like a shop opening up, but it is an activity, like a shopkeeper attracting customers. It is a process of promotion and awareness-raising right from the beginning of a project. It makes research results known to various stakeholder groups (like research peers, industry and other commercial actors, professional organisations, policymakers) in a targeted way, to enable them to use the results in their own work.  This process must be planned and organised at the beginning of each project, usually in a dissemination plan.


Exploitation is the use of the results during and after the project’s implementation. It can be for commercial purposes but also for improving policies, and for tackling economic and societal problems.


Communication means taking strategic and targeted measures for promoting the action itself and its results to a multitude of audiences, including the media and the public, and possibly engaging in a two-way exchange. The aim is to reach out to society as a whole and in particular to some specific audiences while demonstrating how EU funding contributes to tackling societal challenges.


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